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Philadelphia PAL Logo

Police Athletic League
2524 E. Clearfield Street, 19134
(215) 291-9000
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he Philadelphia Police Athletic League is an independent non-profit corporation committed to "Cops Helping Kids". *Philadelphia PAL, a registered 501(c)(3), is comprised of 18 centers across Philadelphia serving thousands of youngsters both male and female. Each center is supervised by Philadelphia Police Officers who are assigned full-time to direct activities and oversee the young people. Programs include sport, educational and cultural opportunities.

PAL is a mixture of police officers, civilian staff and a board of directors, which is made up of 100 of Philadelphia's business and community leaders (several of which are former PAL Alumni themselves).

Mission Statement

"The mission of the Police Athletic League of Philadelphia (PAL) is "Cops Helping Kids." We aspire to be the premier youth-serving organization in the city, by reducing crime, promoting character development, and improving educational outcomes. We accomplish this by having Philadelphia Police Officers, supported by civilians, offer educational, athletic, and recreational programs to youth in 18 centers in some of the city's highest crime and lowest income neighborhoods. PAL Centers are safe havens, offering a variety of free programs and other events to attract engage and develop more than 15,000 of Philadelphia's youth."

Our History

It began in 1947 with Sgt. Gus Rangnow and a few volunteer officers organizing local kids to play baseball, basketball and football. With its success the Superintendent of Police (Howard P. Sutton) initiated a district sports program to promote a better relationship between policemen and the youth of the community. PAL continued to grow in popularity and in 1949 it incorporated as a non-profit organization. By 1950 enrollment was up to 2,350 boys engaged in sports competition. In 1951, the Christian Schmidt PAL Scholarship began with five PAL youngsters. With consistent support from private individuals and corporations PAL has developed into its current form and is helping more kids become success stories than ever before.

January 20, 2015

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