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Contact: Sgt. Eric Ervin
Command Sergeant
(215) 291-9000 x112
he following calendars are organized according to their theme. Some are available as an Adobe pdf document so that you can easily print, copy and share them electronically with family and friends.

Some of these calendars are only available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. To view PDF files, you must have a PDF reader. Download the free Adobe Acrobat reader for Windows or MacOS, or Xpdf for the X Windows System.

Yearly Athletic Calendar

Academic programs including Homework Club and Computer Club begin at 3:00 p.m.
All athletic programs running from September through May shall begin at 5:00 p.m.
Each program operates a minimum of 2 days per week.

Program Name


Calendar Period

In-House Flag Football
September through October
City-Wide Soccer
October through November
In-House Basketball
November through January
City-Wide Basketball
January through February
In-House Soccer
February through March
In-House Baseball/Wiffleball
April through May
City-Wide Baseball
June through August
City-Wide Tennis
July through August
City-Wide Golf
May through August
City-Wide Bowling
October through March (Friday only)

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Information listed here is believed to be current at the time of publication. However, some of the material presented here may have expired since it was posted. Persons should contact a PAL representative whenever relying on dated material or information that is subject to change.
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