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Philadelphia PAL Logo

Contact: Chris Lyons
Grants & Communications Coordinator
(215) 291-9000 x124
he Police Athletic League of Philadelphia is frequently featured in local television, print and radio news stories. Check out the links below and stay current on the coverage we get.

03/08/2012 200 Teens Get Free Prom Dresses From
Police Athletic League Of Philadelphia
CBS Philadelphia
03/07/2012 City’s L&I Chief is Pleased to See Her Shadow Northeast Times
02/29/2012 Mayor For a Day: Tacony Teen
Takes Over City Hall
Northeast Times
02/22/2012 PAL Day Offers Kids a Look Inside
Philadelphia's Government

02/22/2012 Philadelphia Teens Get A Taste of City Government on PAL Day
CBS Philadelphia
09/25/2011 Penn Police Officer PALs with Local Youth The Daily Pennsylvanian

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