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Contact: Chase Trimmer
Director of Programs & Education
(215) 291-9000 x119

he Police Athletic League of Philadelphia's Scholarship Foundation awards annually-renewable $1,000 scholarships to deserving PAL participants pursing higher education.

The PAL Scholarship Foundation is supported primarily through generous corporate and individual contributions as well as grants from other not-for-profit foundations, schools, colleges, and universities.

Mission Statement
The Police Athletic League of Philadelphia Scholarship Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3), was formed April 1, 1988 for the purpose of providing scholarships to eligible PAL members from various Philadelphia neighborhoods, enrolled in two or four year college degree programs or full-time accredited trade programs.

Eligibility and need are determined based upon Scholarship Foundation Board designated criteria.

Candidates must submit a scholarship application, available at all PAL centers (see Center Locations). In addition to personal and academic accomplishments, applicants are evaluated on their PAL involvement including sportsmanship, length of membership, participation, leadership and initiative. Scholarship recipients must also demonstrate financial need. Need scores are determined by a third-party financial aid officer in accordance with PHEAA standards.

Trade school and college-bound youngsters are required to reapply each year for the period that they are attending school full-time. The PAL Scholarship is available for eight (8) semesters within a six (6) year period.

The PAL Scholarship Program has experienced prosperous growth throughout the years. It began by awarding a handful of $250 scholarships to dedicated participants looking to attend college. After the establishment of the PAL Scholarship Foundation, the program has grown to what it is today.

  • PAL awards an average of 210 scholarships annually.

  • Since 1985, PAL has awarded more than $4.5 million to deserving PAL members.

  • More than 500 higher education degrees have been awarded to PAL Scholarship Recipients since 1999.

  • Each $1,000 scholarship is guaranteed for four years.

Donating a PAL Scholarship is one of the most popular and rewarding methods for individuals, corporations and other organizations to make a contribution to Philadelphia youth. To discover ways that you can have such a positive and lasting impact in the life of a PAL member, please visit the How to Give page.

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